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More oh-eight: Bloomberg speculation

The group of Democrats trying to beat back the GOP attempt to pass a ballot initiative to split up California's 55 electoral votes by congressional district is up with two new radio ads. From one of the ads: "Now, after California's been shortchanged for years, special interests have cooked up a new scheme to reduce our influence even further -- trying to pass an initiative carving up California's electoral votes in the presidential election. If it passes, experts say we'll be left with less influence than states like New York, Texas, Ohio, Florida, and Illinois."

New York Mayor Bloomberg posted this on his Web site: "It's time for something real… The question should not be about politics, but about leadership. Not who is the best candidate, but who will be the best President." He also announced he has MySpace and Facebook pages. Even though this has "pumped new life into speculation over Bloomberg's plans," the New York Daily News writes, this is really about having an influence on the "national debate." "More people will pay attention if the question about his future is an open-ended one, insiders say."