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Oh-eight (R): 'I love the smell of napalm'

GIULIANI: The Giuliani camp announced yesterday that actor Robert Duvall, along with his wife, have endorsed the former New York mayor and will host a fundraiser for him later this month.

The Chicago Tribune looks at Giuliani's efforts to woo conservative legal types in D.C. with coded language like "strict constructionist."

The Politico's Wilner takes a look into Giuliani's campaign. "If Giuliani prevails, post-primary quarterbacks will look back at the first eight months of this year and declare that the lead time was invaluable."

Giuliani's trying to raise money off of Clinton: "Relying on the tenor -- and the mailing list -- of his aborted Senate bid against Clinton in 2000," the New York Daily News writes, "the Republican Giuliani dispatched a mass mailing warning donors: 'If Hillary Clinton or any of her like-minded Democrat followers are elected President, they will take this country in a fundamentally different direction.'"