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Rudy: Fred who?

From NBC's Andrew Merten
Speaking to reporters in St. Paul, Minn., this afternoon, Giuliani made a point to appear unfazed by Fred Thompson's official entrance into the GOP nomination run. "The race hasn't changed at all -- it's exactly the same campaign that it was a week ago," he said, adding, "I don't run against any other Republican; I run against Democrats." He went on to tout his organization as the "most issues-oriented campaign of any side," calling on his "Twelve Commitments" as an example.
Rudy also alleged that he is the most competitive general election candidate in the Republican field, citing national polls that show him competing against Clinton or Obama. "I'm the only Republican candidate that has a chance at winning the states that were previously Democratic states," he said, continuing: "If I'm nominated here in Minnesota next year, I'll walk out of here being able to campaign in virtually 50 states.  If somebody else is nominated, they'll walk out of here being able to campaign in 20 or 25 states."