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Another Fred staffer leaves

From NBC's Mark Murray
On the eve of Fred Thompson's official annoucement, another campaign communications staffer -- former FOX producer Jim Mills -- is exiting, the Washington Post's Shear reports. This news might not come as a huge surprise, given that Todd Harris and Karen Hanretty have taken control of Team Fred's press shop. But it's yet another staff departure...

Shear writes, "This from campaign manager Bill Lacy in a memo to the staff... 'Our new Communications Director Todd Harris is building an experienced and aggressive team of campaign professionals to help lead our press operation,' Lacy wrote. He added, 'This constitutes a substantial shift, not in our candidate's message, but in the way we support it and enhance it. Due to this shift, Jim Mills has informed me that he is leaving the campaign due to strategic differences. I respect Jim's decision and encourage all of you to join me in wishing him the best of luck.'"