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Oh-eight (R): More Thompson attacks

GIULIANI: So bygones are bygones... The new Rudy Web site includes a link to the talk radio show hosted by his ex-wife Donna Hanover.

While in Mississippi, Giuliani stood with Gov. Haley Barbour, the former RNC Chair. He declared Barbour "on the top of everybody's list" for vice president but would not answer whether he was considering him. Barbour dismissed the idea that a Republican nominee would select a Mississippi governor for the ticket. "We're one of the safer states for Republicans in an election, and I don't think anybody thinks that they need to go out and find them somebody to help carry Mississippi," Barbour said.

MCCAIN: The New York Times on McCain challenging Giuliani's (and also Romney's) foreign policy credentials yesterday. "The remarks represented a departure for Mr. McCain, who has usually refrained from questioning the experience of his rivals. And he has until now shied from any criticism of Mr. Giuliani, whom he describes as a friend and often praises."

"Asked about Mr. McCain's remarks, Maria Comella, a spokeswoman for the Giuliani campaign, said, 'The mayor considers John McCain a friend and continues to have the utmost respect for him and for his service to our country.'"

ROMNEY: So is Romney trying to sound more like a Democrat when it comes to Iraq? Yesterday, he described Iraq as a "mess." Now he's talking up the likelihood that there will be a "substantial reduction" of U.S. troops in Iraq in 2008.

Is Romney simply HOPING there's a substantial reduction of troops in Iraq by '08, or does he know something?

The Boston Globe front-pages "a first-of-its-kind website that it says contains an unparalleled repository of information about Mitt Romney's record that could be used against the former governor in his White House run." RomneyFacts.com was created by the Massachusetts Democratic Party and "lays out a wealth of documents: personal financial disclosure statements he filed as governor; policy proposals he put forward in his 2002 campaign; several old campaign ads; and a unique searchable database of campaign contributions from his entire political career."

Romney is up today with a new ad that will begin running in South Carolina in the next couple of weeks. The Columbia State says the ad is "intended to boost his name identification and propel a candidacy that is winning in Iowa and New Hampshire but has yet to flourish in South Carolina," where he "is mired in third or fourth place in most S.C. polls."

THOMPSON: Yesterday, Romney took the lead in mocking Thompson. Today, it's Giuliani surrogate Peter King. "Rudy is a real crime fighter," said Rep. Peter King (R-L.I.). "Fred Thompson has primarily done it on television." King, former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is an adviser to Giuliani on national-security issues. "Rudy got crime in New York City under control - not by acting, but by getting results. Rudy Giuliani has the real credentials," King added. The Thompson team responded: "It's the first of what I expect to be many signs of desperation from the Giuliani campaign."

A Boston Globe staff editorial called Thompson's flirtation with a presidential run a "campaign of seven veils" and a "striptease," one that has been seen before and hasn't worked. They compare it to Wesley Clark's failed campaign and cite his lackluster fund-raising as another complication.