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Dems on the upcoming Petraeus report

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
House Democrats are already dismissing the Petraeus findings -- which are not due for another five days -- while leaving the door open to a compromise with Republicans that would drop a deadline for troop withdrawal.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pointedly referring to the Petraeus testimony as "the Bush report presented by General Petraeus," as opposed to an independent assessment by the top military man in Iraq that has been billed for months now. "Progress is not being made," Pelosi insisted in a Capitol presser this afternoon, no matter how some people might want to "cherry pick" stories of success. "The plural of anecdotes is not data," she added.

But top Senate Dems Harry Reid and Carl Levin have hinted recently that they may be open to putting forward legislation with no end date for withdrawal, thereby putting Pelosi and House Democrats on the spot with core Democrats -- both in Washington and at home -- who would be angry at such a legislative outcome.

Today, Pelosi would only say: "Whether people will go for (something) without a date certain for withdrawal remains to be seen."