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All about Fred

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
DURHAM, N.H. -- First question is about Fred.

HUCKABEE: I gave up my spot on Jay Leno but chose to be here.
PAUL: I welcome him to the race. He will help dilute the vote for my benefit.
MCCAIN: Maybe we're up past his [Thompson's] bed time. People of NH expect him to be here.
(Giuliani seems to be getting a kick out of all of this.)
ROMNEY: Why the hurry? Maybe January or February is better. (We've heard that before from Romney.)
GIULIANI: I like Fred a lot. Called him a good man, said he's done a good job of playing my part on Law and Order, but I personally prefer the real thing. Rudy somehow was able to take that question and be the first to hit the Democrats. He criticized them as needing on the job training.