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Al Gore on our mind...

From NBC's Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro
It's been a while since we've heard Al Gore buzz. Expect more to come in the next six weeks as the Nobel prize campaign wraps up (the winner is announced on October 12). If Gore wins it, watch for buzz to explode again.

An Oscar, a Nobel prize, why not filing papers too?

What has piqued our interest in Gore is a new article in Vanity Fair -- written by the daughter of Gore friend Marty Peretz -- which notes the critical press coverage Gore received during his 2000 campaign. "Eight years ago, in the bastions of the 'liberal media' that were supposed to love Gore—The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, CNN—he was variously described as 'repellent,' 'delusional,' a vote-rigger, a man who 'lies like a rug,' 'Pinocchio.' Eric Pooley, who covered him for Time magazine, says, 'He brought out the creative-writing student in so many reporters... Everybody kind of let loose on the guy.'"