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Oh-eight (R): Romney's new ad

The Washington Times examines the FairTax revolution -- the push for a national retail sales tax -- "that has taken hold of the 2008 Republican presidential debate and turned from outcast to kingmaker, including aiding presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's surprise second-place showing in this month's influential Iowa Republican presidential straw poll. Of the major candidates on the Republican side six, including all-but-announced candidate Fred Thompson, have said they are either active supporters or would at least be willing to sign a FairTax bill if it reached their desks as president." 

GIULIANI: Giuliani tapped former New York fire chief Howard Safir to lead a coalition of "law enforcement and emergency-responders backing his campaign for president."

ROMNEY: The Romney campaign is running a new TV ad in Iowa and New Hampshire. It goes: "An Olympics hit by scandal and deficits, he rescued them. He turned around dozens of companies and became a business legend. A state losing jobs, with huge deficits, Governor Mitt Romney turned it around -- cutting spending, instead of raising taxes. At every step, he's met extraordinary challenges.  Mitt Romney – the energy and experience to turn around Washington."

THOMPSON: Per NBC's Joel Seidman, GOP campaign spokesguy Todd Harris will become the communications director to the "Friends of Fred Thompson" committee. He replaces Linda Rozett, who was let go earlier this week. Former Fox News producer Jim Mills continues as spokesman, and former Santorum aide Robert Traynham is expected to continue in the press shop. Harris is a principal of DC Navigators, a firm run by GOP strategist Mike Murphy.