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More oh-eight: Michigan makes its move

"Gov. Jennifer Granholm is convinced that the state House today will approve legislation, already passed by the Senate, to hold a statewide presidential primary Jan. 15 -- even though the move could put the state on a collision course with the national parties," the Detroit News reports.

Edwards' campaign manager David Bonior, a Michigan native, told the Boston Globe: "I do believe there is a role for a larger state in this process whether that be Florida or wherever. But this campaign is focused on the four early states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina because that is where the issues matter most."

Per the Washington Times, "The top 2008 Democratic presidential candidates will likely campaign for the Jan. 29 Florida primary, and a potential earlier primary in Michigan, in defiance of the party's threat to strip the states of their convention delegates, Democratic strategists said yesterday."