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Another interactive appeal

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The Romney campaign is the latest to try and appeal to younger viewers with a gimmicky, "Create Your Own Ad!" push. "Yes, we're serious," the campaign boasts on the edit-it-yourself Web site JumpCut.com. The ad can be on "Mitt's biography, his family, his record as Governor, or his agenda for a stronger America. In fact, your ad can have practically any theme you choose as long you support the campaign creatively and responsibly."

The campaign provides photos, video and music -- though you can use your own. You just have to "cut, splice and edit to your heart's content." The deadline is Sept. 17. The campaign also provides its most recent ad as an example. Under the handle "govmittromney," Romney's campaign writes: "Here's one of our television ads, 'Tested, Proven.' Think you can do better? Just click the green 'Edit' button on this video (or any of the dozens of clips we've provided) and show us what you can do!" Here are some Romney videos on the site.