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Oh-eight (R): Public funds for McCain?

BROWNBACK: He said No Child Left Behind should be revised "to let states negotiate how they meet the education law's requirements," the Des Moines Register reports. "Where it failed was not giving flexibility to the states," Brownback said.

HUCKABEE: The former Arkansas governor has taken some implicit shots at Romney, but he was more direct in an interview with CBN's Brody. "'I'm going to accept that his position (on the life issue) now is a position he currently and indeed does hold but nobody can deny that it's not the position that he had held. He's the first to admit that and when you add to that positions that he's held on other topics like the second amendment and even the Bush tax cuts, on same sex relationships and marriage and other things, that's what I think causes people to say how many different changes of position can one have during an adult's lifespan as a politician and then be confidant that that person is going to have another epiphany at some point in the future.'"

MCCAIN: He is now eligible for public funding. "The Arizona senator quietly requested authority to receive matching funds on Aug. 10, but his campaign said he has not decided whether he would ultimately accept the money."

ROMNEY: On Larry Craig, Romney "called it 'very disappointing' that one of his supporters has 'fallen short' of the standards for elected officials." He also invoked Bill Clinton in the same breath as Mark Foley.

The AP reports that Romney used fee hikes to balance the budget in Massachusetts -- 33 new ones, and he increased 57 others.