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MoveOn against Baird

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The liberal, anti-war group MoveOn.org will go up with an ad by the end of this week in Democratic Rep. Brian Baird's district in Washington state, accusing him of a "flip-flop" on the Iraq war.

Baird, along with Sens. Clinton and Carl Levin, recently said the troop surge in Iraq is showing signs of progress -- at least in Al-Anbar province. Baird had voted against the Iraq military action in 2003.

"MoveOn.org Political Action Committee is sponsoring the ad to call attention to the congressman's decision to go against the views of his constituents, and his previous voting record, to support President Bush's failed policy in Iraq," the group said in an e-mailed statement.

"Congressman Baird's new position, in favor of keeping our troops in an unnwinnable civil war in Iraq, is out of line with the majority of his district and the nation," Nita Chaudhary of MoveOn said in the statement. "So far this has been one of the bloodiest summers in Iraq and voters don't want to continue down a failed path. They want representatives who will stand up to President Bush's reckless policy and bring our troops home."