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Dodd: 'Polls don't mean spit'

From NBC's Kristin Wilson
"Polls don't mean spit" was the oft-repeated mantra today in DC by the president of the International Association of Firefighters and Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Chris Dodd.

According to Dodd, and IAFF president Harold Shaitberger, however, the  "very extensive surveys we've conducted and phone contacts with voters in these states" (hey, isn't that called "polling?") in Iowa and New Hampshire do mean, ummm, spit.

Shaitberger said voters are apparently still undecided in the early primary and caucus states, and will make their decisions not in August, which is filled with "more theater, more popularity contests," but rather in December and January, when "they get serious about their decision."

"We've ignored the polls and the money and the pundits, who are generally off base...put it all on the table, and our choice was clear," he said.

Referencing the IAFF's endorsement of Sen. John Kerry in 2003, Shaitberger said that though trailing "badly" in the polls, Kerry was the "leader we needed at the time, and we were borne out to be right....we're gonna see if we can make lightning strike once again."

Hoping to get traction from the much-needed endorsement, Dodd asked why, given "all the attention, all the resources" at his opponents disposal, "why aren't they doing better?"

Ahhh, those polls.