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AG nominee unlikely this week

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell
Senior officials tell NBC News it is unlikely President Bush will be ready to nominate a choice for attorney general before the president leaves for the APEC Summit next week. It appears there is not sufficient time on Thursday and Friday for the president to complete interviews with candidates and be ready for an announcement, advisors said.

Officials said they now "have more names in the mix than when we started" and that consultations with members of Congress and others outside government have contributed to the process. They refused to discuss specific names, but advisors suggest that Paul Clement, George Terwilliger and Larry Silberman are among those being considered. 

Advisors said they believe the speculation about Michael Chertoff has run its course, and he is not in the running to succeed Gonzales. "It gets unfair to Mike," one advisor said.

The positive reaction to Clement as acting attorney general takes some pressure off the timing, advisors said.