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Remembering Katrina

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has a special Katrina: Two Years Later issue with several stories looking back. The front page has a large "Thank You!" There is an installment called "Touched By an Angel" with vignettes from people who were helped by others' kindness.

The AP's Fournier writes that New Orleans is every Americans' tragedy. "What happened to this historic city two years ago is more than the obvious cautionary tale of what might befall your community after a natural disaster or a terrorist strike. It's also a sad reflection of what's happening now - today, in your hometown and across an anxious and ailing nation. Inadequate health care. A housing crisis. Crumbling infrastructure. Racial division. Poor schools. Rising crime. And at the core of these and other problems threatening our way of life: a pernicious failure of leadership." 

The Los Angeles Times has a different take. "Today, by accident and by necessity, this city is awash in ideas: the new and the ambitious, the au courant and avant-garde, the idealistic and the slightly nutty. The New Orleans public education system, long considered one of most ineffective in the nation, has been revitalized with a grand experiment in charter schools; more than half of the city's public campuses are charters, the highest percentage of any major metropolis."