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Cop: Craig 'agitated and demeaning'

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police arrest-booking photo of Sen. Lary Craig, R-Idaho

From NBC's Jim Popkin
Additional documents released today by the Minneapolis airport police show that an "agitated" Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) returned to the airport-police offices 11 days after his arrest and complained that he had been "drug down to this office" when arrested on June 11.

A statement by police officer Adam Snedker states that, on June 22, Craig knocked on the window of the police headquarters and complained that he had been "drug down to this office" and that he hadn't heard back from the police in over a week. Craig was asking for information to pass to his lawyer. Snedker writes: "To note, Craig appeared agitated and demeaning during my first contact with him even though I did my best to answer his questions."

Craig apparently told Officer Snedker that he had been handcuffed during the arrest. The arresting officer, however, states that "I did not handcuff Craig" even though he was under arrest. Read the full arrest report here.