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Ethics complaint against Craig

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, an ethics watchdog group, is filing a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee against Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID). The Committee is not compelled to act on complaints from outside groups.

CREW chief Melanie Sloan says, "If pleading guilty to charges stemming from an attempt to solicit an undercover officer in a public restroom is not conduct that reflects poorly upon the Senate, what is?"

***UPDATE***From NBC's Ken Strickland
While there is an expectation that the Senate Ethics Committee will at some point launch an inquiry into the matter involving Craig, the committee does not confirm that it has undertaken an investigation. The Democratic spokeswoman for the panel would only say the panel "can" investigate if it so chooses.

The spokeswoman also said under the rules within the Senate ethics manual, there are no circumstances that would automatically trigger an investigation; nor is there anything that requires a senator to report a plea deal or conviction to the committee. As for Craig, his Senate office says this week was a scheduled vacation for the senator, so there are no public events planned for him in Idaho at this point.