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You're so vain…

From NBC's Carrie Dann

…You probably think this bus tour's about you.
On Day Two of the New Hampshire media blitz designed to paint him as the change candidate, Edwards insists that his retooled anti-establishment stump speech isn't intended to slam his Democratic rivals.

"Nothing I said yesterday has to do with other presidential candidates," Edwards told reporters in Manchester this morning. "They need to move on from thinking about themselves and think about what's important to the country."
Edwards faced tough questioning from journalists in the wake of comments yesterday that appeared to deliver a head-on accusation of too-cozy relations between the Clinton administration and DC lobbyists. (The Clinton camp responded by labeling his "angry attacks" as the mark of a "flagging" campaign.)

But after touting his universal health care plan today, Edwards insisted that he's not trying to pick fights -- OR to be the main attraction. "This is not about me, or about Senator Clinton, or Senator Obama," he said. 
As for the bitter back-and-forth with his rivals? "Unfortunately, that's the response you get when you're actually trying to talk," he said, "instead of talking about politics."