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Obama on Clinton and kegs

From NBC's Andrew Merten

On The Daily Show last night, Obama was asked by Jon Stewart to touch on the "experience vs. change" narrative that has dominated the media's coverage of him and Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. When Stewart asked if Clinton's four additional years in the Senate -- in addition to her tenure as First Lady -- really makes her the more "experienced" of the two, Obama answered carefully. "She's a very capable senator," adding, "I think people rightly give her credit for having been a participant in the Clinton Administration, and that she was doing some of the heavy lifting on issues."

But Obama went on to differentiate himself from Clinton in the same manner as he's been doing in debates and on the stump. "I do think that, increasingly what Americans are looking for is not Washington experience, but do you have life experience that is going to lead you to make good decisions, and are you in touch with what's happening on the ground?"

Earlier in the interview, Obama lauded the enthusiastic outpouring of support from youth his campaign has seen so far. When Stewart questioned if he was providing kegs to draw college-aged crowds, Obama jokingly replied, "We don't like to divulge our secrets."