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More oh-eight: Paging Mr. Mitchell

Could George Mitchell be asked to come in and create a compromise on the primary calendar? Believe it or not, it's one semi-serious idea floating around Democrats.
In a statement yesterday, Bill Richardson joined with Joe Biden to hint that he might skip Michigan, should the state go ahead with a January 15 primary.

Edwards, in an interview with the AP, was asked about the shifting calendar. He said "he won't let his party's efforts to control the primary calendar dictate where he campaigns. "I'm running a national campaign, so I'm going to campaign in the states that are participating in the process," Edwards said in a separate interview. "My job is not to make the rules, my job is to run."

The campaign later clarified to the AP that Edwards would only campaign in states sanctioned by the DNC but didn't rule out breaking that pledge.

By the way, perhaps in an attempt to stop other states from moving up, DNC chairman Howard Dean is telling reporters he thinks the nomination won't be decided until March. Does Dean REALLY believe that, or is he hoping that Michigan state legislators believe it so they won't mess up the calendar any more than they already have.

MySpace and MTV have teamed up to sponsor a series of presidential forums.

A new Quinnipiac University poll of Pennsylvania voters finds Clinton's lead over Obama and Edwards increasing big time. The poll still includes Al Gore for some odd reason. But the bottom line: Clinton is over 40% in the primary match-up. Clinton is also the only Dem candidate to lead every single major GOP candidate. Giuliani leads both Obama and Edwards in match-ups, but trails Clinton. Giuliani leads the GOP primary match-up by a large margin. By the way, of ALL the 2008 candidates, Giuliani has the best fav-unfav rating.