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Dodd's shot at Edwards

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Dodd became the latest to criticize Michigan and other states for trying to leapfrog the traditional nominating states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Dodd also subtly criticizes Edwards for his stance on the primaries in the e-mailed press release.

"I disagree with those candidates who would say that they are 'running a national campaign' and accept the political maneuvering to preempt Iowa's time-tested and important role in the process of choosing which candidate would make the strongest nominee and strongest President," Dodd writes.

But in the statement, Dodd takes a shot at Edwards. The words "who would say they are 'running a national campaign'" link to Edwards' interview with the Associated Press. In that interview, Edwards said, "I'm running a national campaign, so I'm going to campaign in the states that are participating in the process. My job is not to make the rules, my job is to run."