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Some color…

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
CHICAGO -- While waiting for the noon central time (1 pm ET) Clinton breakout session, here's a little color from YearlyKos. While there are no tin foil hats, I spy…

--A man with a large "Drunk with Power" slogan scotch-taped to a in a white T-shirt
--An Office Space reference: lots of lanyard flair, including blinking pins.
--Standard lefty "Impeach Bush" and "Impeach Cheney" shirts and stickers.
--A nod to who came up with the T-shirt, "Drinking Liberally: promoting Democracy one pint at a time."
--An older woman, wearing Richardson garb, was offering cookies in the hallway. Later, I saw her sitting in the Richardson booth.
--Speaking of candidate booths, Edwards' has green and blue plastic blow up chairs and even a couch.

By the way, Hillary volunteers look ready to crash the breakout session and forum with "Hillary for President" and "Women for Hillary" signs.