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In an effort to make sure the responsibility for ending the Iraq war rests squarely on President Bush, Democrats are teaming up with a new ad campaign. The ad, which will run for two weeks nationally, praises the Democratic-led Congress' efforts in raising the minimum wage, trying to cover uninsured children, increasing veterans' health benefits and for "taking on George Bush to end a war gone wrong," an announcer says in the ad -- a joint effort by the Democratic National Committee and the House and Senatorial campaign committees.

Both Romney and McCain criticized House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn for admitting that if Gen. Petreaus' September report is positive, House Democrats will be divided. The criticism Romney and McCain lobbed on Clyburn was by twisting his words a bit by claiming that Clyburn was saying, if there's good news in Iraq, that's bad news for Democrats. Clyburn clarified in response to the attacks, "all of us want a good result in Iraq."