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Oh-eight (D): Rolling Stone on Edwards


The campaign nabbed a major New Hampshire endorsement yesterday -- House Speaker Terie Norelli, who after the '06 Dem landslide in the state became the first Dem House speaker in over 70 years (and just the second woman speaker ever). In her spat with the Pentagon, Clinton "struck back" at Cheney and President Bush "in an e-mail asking supporters to sign a letter to Bush," the Boston Globe writes. "It's the administration that's playing politics, she wrote." 
The New York Daily News adds: "Clinton vowed to go over Cheney's head to get a clarification from President Bush on whether he accepts congressional oversight of his Iraq policy."

EDWARDS: Though Edwards continues to run a distant third (behind Clinton and Obama) in the latest NBC News/WSJ Poll, analyst Stu Rothenberg tells NBC's Kevin Corke that the poll isn't necessarily bad news for Edwards. "It certainly is not ideal and sure he'd like to be raising more money, but it is not about national polls -- it is all about Iowa. If Edwards wins there, it will change the national race." 

Speaking of Iowa, Corke says Edwards returns there on August 5th and 6th to discuss workers' rights and lay out his new vision for trade in a major policy address.

In California yesterday, NBC's Lauren Appelbaum notes, Edwards was asked about Giuliani's comment that he and Clinton and Obama don't understand the capitalist system and are ashamed to be rich.  "I think he's dead wrong," Edwards shot back. "What Giuliani is, is George Bush on steroids. Giuliani, Romney, and the rest of the Republicans who are running for the nomination are going to give the country four more years of crony capitalism, which is exactly what we have now."

Edwards also gets some hip coverage from the Rolling Stone today. "Edwards is awesome on the stump. He knows how to work a crowd into a lather. Today's event, in a hot, dark SoMa night club was packed to the gills, and you'd have thought it was Bono up on that stage. People were that into it."

OBAMA: The Salt Lake Tribune previews Obama's very low-key visit to Utah this weekend. And Obama is getting some local Illinois grief.