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Club for Growth hits Huckabee hard

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro

Just nine days before the Ames straw poll, the fiscally conservative Club for Growth is up with a potentially damaging attack ad on Huckabee in Iowa. The ad paints the former Arkansas governor as a "tax-and-spend" liberal and compares him to Bill Clinton."Who is that liberal tax and spend Arkansas Governor?" the announcer asks as Wild West-style piano music plays and cards on an easel are flipped to the floor. "Bill Clinton? No. It's Mike Huckabee"

The ad is already running on cable and will start running on network affiliates on Sunday -- the day of the ABC Republican Iowa forum. It is an $85,000 buy that will run through Aug. 10th -- the day before the straw poll. 

Full transcript:
Announcer: There once was a governor from Hope, Arkansas, who raised taxes like there was no tomorrow.

Higher sales taxes, gas taxes, grocery taxes, even higher taxes on nursing home beds.

Raised spending by 50 percent too.

Who is that liberal tax and spend Arkansas Governor?

Bill Clinton? No. It's Mike Huckabee.

He even wants to tax the Internet too.

Tell Mike Huckabee to give lower taxes a try.