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More on the NBC/WSJ poll

Bush's approval rating is 31% (up two points since June); just 19% think the country is in the right direction; and 62% don't think victory in Iraq is possible. In addition, only 37% believe the US should wait until November to determine whether the surge in Iraq is working, compared with 55% who believe that making that judgment in September is sufficient. For more on the poll, click here.

Here is the Wall Street Journal's take on the poll: "More than two-thirds of Americans believe the U.S. economy is either in recession now or will be in the next year… That assessment comes despite the fact the economy has experienced sustained growth with low inflation and unemployment and generally rising stock values ever since the recession that ended early in President Bush's tenure."

And what has happened to Americans sports? Only 14% say they have a great deal or quite a bit of confidence in professional sports. Sixty-two percent say the recent NBA referee gambling scandal is more widespread in professional sports. And get this -- just 5% view Michael Vick favorably, compared with 44% who view him negatively.