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Dems unimpressed with Obama's speech

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Not to be outdone or overshadowed by Obama on foreign policy, Biden, Dodd and Richardson all said they were unimpressed by Obama's speech today on counter terrorism.

"Look, the truth is the four major things he called for, well, hell that's what I called for," Biden said today on MSNBC's Hardball, echoing comments he made earlier in the day at an event promoting his book at the National Press Club. Biden added, "I'm glad he's talking about these things," but they are things that are either already being done or in the works, and he cited legislation he wrote with Republican Sens. Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel.

Dodd was even more biting in a released statement, saying: "Frankly, I am not sure what Barack is calling for in his speech this morning. But it is dangerous and irresponsible to leave even the impression the United States would needlessly and publicly provoke a nuclear power."

Richardson played up his experience, said he has already talked about refocusing on al Qaeda and the Taliban and added, "I am glad that Senator Obama agrees with me."

Is Clinton far behind with a hit of her own?

NOTE: Biden also said on Hardball that he likes Sens. Clinton, Dodd and Richardson, but "I don't know Barack as well and don't know John Edwards as well."

**** UPDATE **** NBC's Lauren Appelbaum reports that Edwards, on the other hand, agreed with Obama, though admitted he didn't watch the speech or see a transcript.

"My belief is that we have a responsibility to find bin Laden and al Qaeda wherever they operate," Edwards said on camera. "I think we need to maximize pressure on Musharraf and the Pakistani government. If they can't do the job, then we have to do it."