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'08 candidate scores on the issues

From NBC's Mark Murray and Chuck Todd
A new Gallup survey shows how Americans view the top Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on some key issues (the economy, Iraq, terrorism, and health care). Interestingly, McCain and Giuliani tie for the top score on Iraq, while Obama leads on the economy and Clinton leads on health care.

Maybe Clinton doesn't have to release a comprehensive health-care plan after all... Of course, these scores are somewhat impacted by name identification (a sizable number responded with "no opinion" for Romney and Fred Thompson).

Below are the results:

A great deal/fair amount of confidence to do the right thing when it comes to the economy:
Obama 62%
Clinton 61%
Giuliani 60%
McCain 53%
Edwards 51%
Romney 40%
Thompson 39%

The war in Iraq:
McCain 55%
Giuliani 55%
Obama 54%
Clinton 51%
Edwards 50%
Thompson 39%
Romney 37%

Giuliani 69%
McCain 66%
Clinton 55%
Obama 53%
Edwards 48%
Thompson 42%
Romney 38%

Health Care:
Clinton 65%
Obama 61%
Edwards 54%
Giuliani 52%
McCain 45%
Romney 36%
Thompson 35%