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Tancredo's capital (not Capitol!) offer

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro

Want a free trip to DC, dinner with a presidential candidate and a tour of the Capitol, or, er, um capital? That's what Tancredo is offering up to anyone who can get 25 people to the Ames straw poll on Aug. 11.The offer, though, initially stirred suspicion of a violation of House ethics rules, since buildings on the Capitol grounds cannot be used for campaign purposes.

Tancredo's campaign quickly clarified this point. Per the AP: "Bay Buchanan, Tancredo's national chairwoman, said Tuesday she meant supporters would get a tour of the capital city -- spelled with an 'a' -- which could also include a 'public tour' of the Capitol building -- spelled with an 'o' -- in which Tancredo would go along and point out some highlights.

"The winners would also visit some of Tancredo's favorite places in Washington, such as several war memorials, and have dinner with him at a restaurant, Buchanan said."