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Giuliani responds to 'Princess Bride'

From NBC's Carrie Dann

Here's a tidbit on one of the few 2008 spouses who's actually been OUT of the news for the last few weeks. Sandwiched among the health-care policy questions posed to Giuliani at an afternoon press conference today came one about the latest profile of the mayor's wife, Judith Nathan. A reporter asked Giuliani to respond to an article in the September issue of Vanity Fair that takes a fairly unflattering tone in its headline of his third wife as his "princess bride."
Giuliani replied that he has "quickly" looked over the piece, and he called its characterization of an attached-at-the-hip relationship with his wife "very incorrect." And the temperature in balmy New Hampshire might have dropped just a tad when he concluded, "One of the terrible prices that unfortunately families pay in a situation like this is that they get castigated and attacked. And, usually, most reporters don't even ask about it. They actually have more dignity than to ask about it."