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Rudy's house call

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro and Carrie Dann

laid out few specifics on an actual health care plan today in New Hampshire, and instead took shots at Democrats and Michael Moore on the topic.
"The American way is not single-payer, government-controlled anything," Giuliani said. "That's a European way of doing something. That's a, frankly, a Socialist way of doing something."
"If single-payer systems are cracking all over the world, why would we do it in America. Michael Moore wants to take you to Cuba for your health care. Anyone want to sign up? I didn't think so. Maybe the Democrats will sign up."
He cited long wait times in Canada for even MRIs and took issue with the potential cost of Democratic-proposed universal health care plans. When pressed by a questioner on what steps he would take on health care, Giuliani said, first, he would "bring down the cost, so other people can afford it." Then, "give people a tax advantage to go buy individual insurance."

"We've got to bring down the cost of health care, and the government can't possibly cover everybody," Giuliani said. "If the government covers everybody, the government will literally go bankrupt."

After the speech, Giuliani continued his criticism of European health care models. But he didn't pass up the chance for a shout out to one of his favorite European leaders -- French president Nicholas Sarkozy, a pro-America conservative who was touted by the New York Post as "a French Rudy" shortly after his recent election.

"I have this feeling that Sarkozy is on an airplane headed to the United States," the ex-New York mayor jokingly told reporters. "And Hillary, and Barack, and John Edwards are on an airplane headed to France!"
Some points of note:
--The Giuliani campaign still doesn't quite get TV. During the first half of his speech, Giuliani continually wandered away from the microphone at the podium, making him inaudible to viewers. This criticism may seem trite -- and doesn't "speak to the issues" -- but not getting this right undermines a campaign's ability to get the candidate's message out, and it makes the candidate look like an amateur. During the second half of his speech, Giuliani had the microphone in his hand, but for someone who is seemingly more comfortable at working a room and using his hands, shouldn't he have a wireless?
--He was introduced with a country song.
--He thought Ronald Reagan was the most effective leader since Franklin Roosevelt.
--He said he can solve global warming in five to 15 years and would end illegal immigration in a year and a half to three years. "I give ourselves 18 month to three years to accomplish it," he said.