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Clinton vs. Obama

Is this the end of the Clinton-Obama spat? In his speech yesterday at the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, Bill Clinton finally weighed in on the spat -- sort of.  Per NBC's Andrew Merten, the ex-president denied commenting on who he thought was correct in the disagreement (although it's clear where his allegiance lies) and praised all Democratic hopefuls' call for increased diplomacy. Said Clinton: "We have to get back to more diplomacy. I don't want to get in the middle of that little spat that Hillary and Senator Obama had, but there's more than one way to practice diplomacy. You can make up your own mind about that."

The Politico: "If the 42nd president was speaking in any way as a proxy for his wife's campaign, it's a pretty clear sign that Obama has succeeded in his pushback against Hillary Clinton."

Meanwhile, Obama once again brought up the spat during his town hall in Cedar Rapids, IA yesterday, NBC's Lauren Appelbaum reports. "It is my belief that we have to talk to the Iranians and we have to talk to the Syrians," he said, receiving lengthy applause. Obama stated that he is "not worried about losing a PR debate with some tin-pot dictator," and that Iran and Syria are receiving a free pass. "They are able to act irresponsibly to allow insurgents or to finance militias inside Iraq. Nobody holds them accountable. And the United States is blamed because it looks like we're unwilling to talk to them. And my attitude is we should not be afraid to talk to anybody."