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A political experiment in Wisconsin

From NBC's Chuck Todd
Perhaps it's fitting that Wisconsin is hosting an intriguing political experiment.

The AP: "Two Concordia University professors are planning an unusual bipartisan campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. Political scientist Jeff Walz, 40, plans to run against the longtime Republican congressman as a Democrat. Historian James Burkee, 39, will run as a Republican. The two plan to campaign together and combine their promotional efforts.  The two have worked together in recent years as speakers and commentators. They said their goal for the campaign is to show what elections should look like."

More: "'What people want is just a greater sense of decency, a greater sense of cooperation, a greater sense of collaboration," Walz said. They hope to provide that by avoiding personal attacks and forgoing donations from special interest groups. They plan to publish a pact laying out ground rules for the campaign."

Sensenbrenner is not someone who regularly appears on vulnerable incumbent lists.