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The Bush White House

Here are some excerpts of Vice President Cheney's interview with Mark Knoller on CBS Radio yesterday:

-- on whether he wants AG Gonzales to keep fighting for his job: "I do. I'm a big fan of Al's."
-- on whether Gonzales needs to clarify his testimony: "I'm not going to get into the specifics of it. I think Al has done a good job under difficult circumstances. The debate between he and the Senate is something they're going to have to resolve. But I think he has testified truthfully."
-- on whether Gonzales can remain attorney general if Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Pat Leahy says he doesn't trust Gonzales: "I've had my differences with Pat Leahy. I think the key is whether or not he has the confidence of the President, and he clearly does."
-- on Libby's guilty verdict: Cheney said he disagreed with it, that President Bush handled it correctly, and that he's seen Libby at a number of social events since the commutation.  Libby guilty verdict, the President handled it correctly and that he's seen Libby at a number of social events since the commutation.

The Washington Post: "Cheney's remarks about his former aide, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, appear to conflict with the views of President Bush, who said after the verdict that he 'respected' the jury verdict but felt that the 30-month sentence handed to Libby was excessive."