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Chief Justice Roberts taken to hospital

From NBC's Pete Williams

BREAKING NEWS: Chief Justice John Roberts has been taken to a hospital in Maine after falling at a summer vacation home.The court says Roberts fell at a summer home in Port Clyde, Maine. An ambulance was called, and he was taken to a nearby hospital "as a precaution." The court says he was conscious during the trip to the hospital, and an emergency response team member tells NBC News Roberts was "alert."

He fell earlier this afternoon, sometime between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm ET, the court says.

Roberts is 52 and has has been chief justice for two terms, joining the court in late September 2005. He has no history of health problems.

****UPDATE**** Long before John Roberts was a federal judge, he apparently suffered a seizure while playing golf. It was in January 1993, while he was in private practice. News reports at the time say he was not allowed to drive for several months and took the bus to work. There's no indication that doctors ever figured out what happened. The White House called it an "isolated, idiosyncratic seizure."

**** UPDATE II **** The Supreme Court says that Roberts suffered a benign seizure today.