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Fred keeps on blogging

From NBC's Joel Seidman
Candidate-in-waiting Fred Thompson, a frequent contributor to conservative Web sites like National Review Online and the Townhall.com blog, is once again promoting his views on yet another core conservative issue. Today, he is taking on the controversial subject of Eminent Domain, one of the growing list of core issues that Thompson has decided to tackle online.

"Our Founders placed respect for private property as a key principle when writing our nation's Constitution," he writes on his own Imwithfred.com. Homeownership, Thompson says has become an increasingly "integral part of our citizens' aspirations for a better future." And he lashes out at local governments' confiscating private property, "It's said that a man's home is his castle, but across America some property owners are being rooked by local bureaucrats and politicians and having their private property confiscated by local governments for the supposed public good," he argues.

It's yet another sign that Thompson is positioning himself as the champion of all things socially conservative -- from global Warming to immigration to gun control.