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Mr. Mayor vs. Mr. Moore

From NBC's Carrie Dann and Mark Murray
If the Giuliani campaign's conference call earlier today wasn't a hint that the former New York mayor was on the attack against the Democrats' health-care plans, this certainly is... In New Hampshire today, Giuliani was treating supporters to a quick preview of the big health-care policy rollout he'll give tomorrow in Rochester. And from the sounds of it, he'll be casting documentary filmmaker Michael Moore in a starring role as his number one villain.

In the recent documentary "Sicko," Giuliani said at one campaign stop, Moore "proclaims, in essence, kind of what the theory of the Democrats is -- that medicine in Cuba is better than medicine in the United States." To much chuckling, he asked the crowd, "Would anybody here like to put up their hands to go to Cuba for medical treatment? No! It'd be like getting sentenced!"
At a later stop in Moultonsboro, NH, Giuliani drew even more specific parallels between Moore and his Democratic rivals -- a tactic that both he and Mitt Romney are fond of employing. "Only Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards, I guess, would want to go to Cuba for health care," he said. Giuliani went on to accuse Democrats of "setting traps" for the American people by promising universal health care (administered by what he calls a "nanny state") rather than the market-based system supported by most Republicans.
Also in Moultonsboro, Giuliani added some legs to this morning's story about a potential date change for the Republican CNN/Youtube debates. He echoed the concerns about the "respecfulness" of the freewheeling format first voiced by Mitt Romney, who previously declined CNN's invitation but now - as reported today - says he may attend if the event's date is pushed back. Giuliani also cited a scheduling conflict to explain his "no" RSVP to the debate, which is currently set for Septembr 17. "They never bothered to ask us [about the date], which is the part that bothers me," Hizzoner complained. "But I would be happy to do it at some point that we could work it out."