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Clinton leads in new Florida poll

From NBC's Mark Murray
A new Florida polls shows Clinton with a double-digit lead over her closest Democratic competitor, while Giuliani and Fred Thompson are running neck and neck in the state's GOP contest. According to the survey, which was conducted by Mason-Dixon, Clinton leads among likely Democratic primary voters at 31% -- followed by Obama at 17%, and Edwards at 12%. No other Democratic hopeful registers at more than 4%.

Meanwhile, in the GOP race, Giuliani is the choice of 21% of likely Republican primary voters. Thompson comes in second at 18%, McCain's at 11%, and Romney is at 7%. The margin of error in both polls is plus-minus 5%.

Strikingly, 34% of Florida GOP primary voters say they're undecided (which easily tops Giuliani's 21%), while 30% of Democratic voters say the same thing.