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Fox producer joins Team Fred

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
The word spreading all over Capitol Hill today is that longtime Fox senior congressional producer Jim Mills is leaving his booth on the House side to join the Fred Thompson quasi-campaign as spokesman. NBC has confirmed that Mills will join Thompson's organization effective August 20.

Lot's of "OMG" and even "OMFG" being traded on the e-mail this morning among staffers and press because Mills is something close to a legend on the House side. Known for his pugnacious (yet jocular) style, everyone from Speaker Pelosi to the cashiers down in the basement have gotten a kick out of "Millsy" at one time or another, and in one form or another.

Full disclosure: Over the years, Mills and I have been fierce competitors and close friends. I have known him to be a creative and perceptive individual who never played favorites. Most everyone comes away from an encounter with him with a smile on their face, with some notable exceptions among members -- both Rs and Ds -- who trip his BS alarm.

See ya around, Millsy.