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Oh-eight (R): No GOP YouTube debate?

The New York Daily News says it looks like there's but a "snowman's chance" of a CNN/YouTube Republican debate. Giuliani said "scheduling issues" would likely keep him away; McCain called questions from a snowman "frankly inappropriate"; and Romney said "the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman." The New York Post says Giuliani's camp is concerned about the proximity of the Sept. 17th date to the close of the third quarter -- Sept. 30th. 

GIULIANI: The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder also notes that Giuliani might skip the YouTube debate. While in Texas yesterday, Giuliani said the red state could be competitive in a general election, notes NBC's Shawna Thomas. "Texas will be a battleground," he said, insisting that Republicans couldn't take the state for granted.  


McCain's stop yesterday in New Hampshire focused on immigration, but it was not his choosing. Also, speaking to reporters in Boston yesterday, McCain talked about Monday's CNN/YouTube debate, NBC's Andrew Merten reports. "I only saw some excerpts. I just don't think that questions from snowmen are appropriate in presidential campaigns," McCain said, referring to a YouTube video in which a snowman asked the candidates about their views on global warming. "But I think that this is serious: We're in a war," he concluded.
He also answered questions about the shaky state of his campaign -- but only for a few minutes.  After repeating several times that he's not nervous and has seen an "enthusiastic turnout" while campaigning in New Hampshire, he refused to answer any more "process" questions about fundraising or organization, and insisted that the group of reporters go back to asking questions about the issues.

ROMNEY: Tom Edsall, now writing for the Huffington Post, has an interesting examination of Romney's FEC reports. He combs through payments to certain folks that Edsall believes is an indication Romney's trying to buy grassroots support. Per the AP, "Romney said Thursday he'll probably deliver a speech explaining the role his Mormon faith plays in his political life, but he argued he's made strong gains among evangelicals despite questions about his religion. 'I have thought about that,' Romney said in an interview with The Associated Press. 'I haven't made a final decision, but it's probably more likely than not.'"


Without telling its readers, the Washington Post seems to be making this its unofficial Thompson biography week. Today, John Solomon examines the commentaries Thompson writes online and delivers on the radio and notes the sharp turn to the right he's taken over the last year. Thompson was on Hannity last night, but wasn't asked about the chaotic staff day.