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Edwards takes his shots

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell

John Edwards took a shot at Clinton and Obama's dispute -- telling the National Urban League convention in St Louis: "If you're looking, if you're looking for what's wrong in Washington, why the system is broken, why the system doesn't work, one perfect example is what's been happening over the last four days. We've had two good people, Democratic candidates for president, who've spent their time attacking each other, instead of attacking the problems that this country's faced.

"I got your attention with that one, didn't I?"

He delivered a populist-themed speech, opening his remarks by saying that America is broken -- and he still believes we have two Americas. "I'm here to tell you the system is rigged," Edwards said. "It is rigged; it is broken, and not working for most people in this country."

He went on to attack "big interests" -- insurance companies, big drug companies, big banks, and lobbyists.

"Do we believe these people who have the power today are going to give away power voluntarily?" Edwards said. "We cannot negotiate, triangulate" (note an implicit shot at Clinton) "the only way we're going to get them to give up power is to take them on, take them on then we can beat them."

He also hit on other Edwards' themes: health care, tax loopholes for big corporations and outsourcing.

Clinton and Obama speak next. Kucinich kicked off the conference. No Republicans will be appearing before the civil rights group, though Huckabee and Hunter initially accepted, then backed out.