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Dodd unveils health-care plan

From NBC's Mark Murray

In Iowa today, Chris Dodd became the latest Democratic presidential candidate to unveil a comprehensive health-care plan, promising universal coverage within four years. The pillars of his plan are: 1) creating a heath insurance marketplace called Universal HealthMart, based on the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan; 2) basing individual and business contributions to the Universal HealthMart on their ability to pay; 3) driving down premiums by leveraging negotiating power and reducing costs; and 4) making coverage portable -- that is, insurance would follow individuals, not jobs.

But unlike the Edwards and Obama campaigns, which released the costs of their health-care plans when they announced them, the Dodd camp tells First Read that they don't yet have a cost estimate for their plan.

*** UPDATE *** The Dodd campaign just told us that his plan will cost between $40-$50 billion a year in those first two years, and then $70 billion a year in the two years after that.