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More oh-eight: A new SC poll

Last week, a CNN South Carolina poll had Clinton with a sizable lead over Obama, 43%-27% -- which the Obama campaign laughed at. Well, a new Insider Advantage (R) poll (536 respondents) conducted the day after the CNN/YouTube debate in Charleston, SC has Clinton with a 15-point lead over Obama, 43%-28%. The Clinton campaign gleefully notes this poll, as well as this recent quote from Obama's pollster: "We are going to outright win South Carolina." 

If the Obama folks dispute this one, they may need to release their own numbers in order to provide the pudding proof.

The AP's Beth Fouhy checks in on one of the most high-profile, yet invisible, leaders of the Democratic Party: DNC Chair Howard Dean. She notes the summer of angst he's dealing with regarding the Florida primary and its place in the primary calendar.

The New York Daily News covers Bloomberg's yesterday speech to the National Urban League, in which he said agreed with Obama on the issue of merit pay.