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Romney: Hillary is right

From NBC's Carrie Dann

For the first few days after Monday's debate, Clinton and Obama's GOP counterparts were content to stay on the sidelines and watch their rivals spar over the issue of diplomatic concessions to rogue leaders. But in Iowa this morning, Republican candidate Romney finally weighed in, and he's coming down on Clinton's side.
Speaking at a breakfast in Iowa, Romney ridiculed Obama for having "some special people he wants to visit" during his first term, referring to Obama's willingness to consider meeting with leaders like Venezuela's Chavez and Iran's Ahmedinejad.

"It's absolutely extraordinary that someone could be so out of touch with the nature of our world," Romney said of Obama. Romney scathingly added that Obama's philosophy mirrors that of Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister who promoted a policy of "appeasement" towards Nazi Germany in the years before World War II.

Is Romney doing Obama a big favor by sounding a bit like Clinton in his criticism of Obama's position? After all, Obama was eager to paint Clinton as "Bush-Cheney light" when he commented on the controversy this morning. The fact that a top GOP contender is echoing her criticisms could serve the Obama camp well as it tries to draw parallels between Clinton and the Republican status quo. 
Asked by reporters after his event if he's uncomfortable finding himself in agreement with Senator Clinton, Romney responded with a laugh.

"Well, if two Democrats are violently disagreeing on something," he said, "I'm probably going to be on one side. But she happens to be right."