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Oh-eight (D): New anti-Hillary YouTube

Here's another article noting how the Democrats seem to be shifting their language on abortion. While the party hasn't necessarily shifted its position, there appears to be more tolerance (at least among congressional Democrats) of divergent abortion views. The GOP has a good chance of nominating a pro-choice Republican, but there's not a single pro-life Democrat running for president. But given this shift, are we a cycle or two away from that? There are a handful of Dem governors who are pro-life.

The Columbia State previews Obama, Edwards and Clinton speaking to College Democrats at the University of South Carolina. Obama speaks today, Edwards tomorrow and Clinton on Saturday.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D) endorsement of Clinton got a package on the LA local news when the two senators sat down for a satellite interview with KABC. It was mostly positive, but toward the end the local reporter asked Clinton and Feinstein about the extramarital affair story that has been haunting LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. According to the reporter, Clinton stood by the mayor and said he'd remain as one of her national co-chairs. DiFi apparently got "testy" with reporters that the subject was brought up in this venue. Feinstein: "It's interesting to me that the press asks those questions. I mean here is a candidate running for president of the United States. Antonio Villaraigosa is the mayor of Los Angeles. And both of us will always work with him. His personal life is something else and leave it out of that." See their joint interview here.

There was a time when many of us thought the first woman to be elected either president or vice president was Feinstein.

Also, another anti-Clinton YouTube is making the rounds, pointing out the possible 28 years of Bush-Clinton rule -- in addition to bids by Jeb, Chelsea, and then the Bush twins. "It's time for a regime change," the YouTube concludes. "Don't vote Hillary."

EDWARDS: In his speech on tax policy today, Edwards will "declare war" on offshore tax havens, as well as call for an end to the loophole that allows hedge fund and private equity managers to treat most of their income as capital gains. Per excerpts of his speech, "[T]he people with power aren't going to give it up without a fight. And we can't sit down with them and make a deal. We can't triangulate our way to big change; we can't compromise our way to big change – we need to lead the way to big change. And that starts with me being specific, clear and honest about what I'm going to do… It's time to stop promoting the wealth of the wealthy and to start making sure that every American who works hard has the chance to move up the economic ladder."

Edwards will give an interview to CNBC later today on his tax policy.

Forget advocating for universal health care or calling potentially for higher taxes, there's NOTHING riskier for a presidential candidate than appearing in Spandex. Edwards rode with Lance Armstrong yesterday for a leg of Iowa's famed bike race, RAGBRAI. "The famously well-coiffed candidate was sweaty after about a dozen miles," the Des Moines Register reports, "but there was no evidence of helmet hair."Also: "Armstrong said he invited all the presidential candidates to ride on RAGBRAI with him but so far Edwards was the only one who took him up on it. Democrat Joe Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, was also scheduled to ride today and Republican Mitt Romney's sons are riding Friday. Democrat Chris Dodd will have an event on the route in Dyersville on Friday." 

While the campaign billed a major "national" addition to his campaign yesterday, it turns out the major addition is a "New Hampshire" in nature -- not national. Freshmen Democratic Rep. Paul Hodes becomes the highest-ranking Dem officeholder in New Hampshire to endorse, and he's backing Obama.

The Chicago Tribune examines Obama's fundraising network, and it finds that despite the small-donor hype, there's a significant big donor network as well, complete with bundlers. "Half the fundraisers live in just three metropolitan regions that are seats of financial or political power: Washington, New York and Chicago. Obama's home base of Chicago accounts for the largest proportion of the large fundraisers, about a fifth, according to a Tribune analysis."