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Per NBC's Jim Miklaszewski, US military officials say that Army lawyers are reviewing the recommendations for disciplinary action against nine Army officers -- including retired Lt. General Phillip Kensinger -- for their role in withholding the truth about the death of former Army Ranger Pat Tillman. In Kensinger's case it may require that he be recalled to active duty to face a possible reduction in rank and reduction in retirement benefits. 

The officials say the recommendations call for non-judicial punishment against the four generals and five other officers -- such as letters of reprimand, which would essentially end their military careers. There are NO recommendations for criminal action. The officials stress that no final decision has been made in Kensinger's case, which is expected to be announced sometime next week.

The New York Times front-pages the anti-Iraq war movies that Hollywood will be releasing soon. In the past, Hollywood usually gave the veteran more breathing space. William Wyler's 'Best Years of Our Lives,' about the travails of those returning from World War II, was released more than a year after the war's end. Similarly Hal Ashby's 'Coming Home' and Oliver Stone's 'Born on the Fourth of July,' both stories of Vietnam veterans, came well after the fall of Saigon."