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Clinton responds to Obama

From NBC's Mark Murray

Per the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton will deliver her own counterpunch to Obama in an interview to appear on CNN later this afternoon -- and it includes a zinger at Obama's "politics of hope." She will say, "Well, this is getting kind of silly. I've been called a lot of things in my life but I've never been called George Bush or Dick Cheney, certainly. We have to ask what's ever happened to the politics of hope?"

More from Clinton: "I have been saying consistently for a number of years now, we have to end the Bush era of ignoring problems, ignoring enemies and adversaries. And I have been absolutely clear that we've got to return to robust and effective diplomacy. But I don't want to see the power and prestige of the United States President put at risk by rushing into meetings with the likes of Chavez, and Castro, and Ahmadinejad."