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Now, he's for a fence

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro

When the immigration debate was piping hot here in Washington, Giuliani didn't weigh in with specific policy proposals, but instead called the Senate immigration bill a "typical Washington mess."Now, Giuliani, who has called himself pro-immigrant in the past, is calling for tougher border security, including a fence.

"I hope President Bush puts his energy now into building the fence, building a technological fence, increasing the size of the Border Patrol and creating order at the border, which is all that anyone's asking for," Giuliani said per the AP.

****UPDATE****The Giuliani campaign contacted First Read and said the former mayor has laid out four points -- including at the most recent Republican debate -- he would like to see in any immigration legislation contain going forward: (1) seal the border; (2) a universal biometric ID card; (3) a single database that all the agencies would use; and (4) identify everyone who is actually here in the country.