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McCain also agrees with Clinton

From NBC's Andrew Merten
McCain today became the second GOP presidential hopeful (after Romney) to side with Clinton in her spat with Obama -- although he did not say so explicitly. During a town hall meeting in Derry, NH this afternoon, a member of the audience asked McCain what he thought about the dispute that began at Monday night's debate. McCain used Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as an example, saying, "Are we going to come out of this meeting, and the president of Iran is going to say, 'I'm stopping the IEDs, I'm going to stop developing nuclear weapons, I will agree that Israel is going to exist,' then fine. Then lets set up the meeting." But he warned of the danger posed to the prestige of the presidency and the country as a whole if such a dictator would use a high-level meeting for propaganda purposes, similar to Clinton's warning on Monday.

Said McCain in conclusion: "There's a downside to just saying, I'll sit down and have face-to-face meetings with one of these dictatorial rulers, who violate every principle of upon which this nation was founded."